Motionia.js - create JS animations by just one line!

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Motionia - a lightweight simplified on demand animation library.

With motionia you can animate elements by just one line of code.

lightweight, simple fast & easiest to integrate.

=> motionia("target", "anim");

Where to get?

Motionia on github

Experiment with it here

Examples & Demos

Visit my codepen for motionia.js examples and demos and to grasp easily what motionia can actually do.

Abhiprojectz on Codepen

Motionia.js - animating the door

Animating backgrounds

Getting started

Just add a script path of motionia via JSDELIVR into the head of your project

<script src="" defer></script>

Use motionia in inline script as:

=> motionia("target", "anim");

Target can be any html element.

Elements can be a id , class or body,p etc html parametric element.

anim refers to animation name!


There is a lot of potential in motionia just keep exploring it.

Animations lists

There are 100+ builtin animations + capability to create a lot more..

Appear In

Add In to make a appering anim.














and a lot more!

Disapper Out

add Out to disappear a element





shadowIn popIn puffIn blutIn expandIn explodeOut


Wanna customize ?

You can customize above anim easily without writing a long code all you need is just A LINE!!

Make a element slide right by some amount

Use motionia("div", "slideX" , "100px");

That's all!

motionia("target", "slideY" , "100px");

Customize intensity of a anim!

Some anim can be minimized or maximized in order to meet our requirements as sometimes we need to gain more ATTENTION of a user!

Just add Min or Max at the end of a anim!

Create a vibrate anim for a element like a button



Following anims support min pr max feature.

blink vibrate bounce shake jelly wobble



Mixing 2 anims together!


Yeah, with motionia you can mix one anim to the other. its very simple just mix anims name which is one & first of a kind ,with each other and hola!

Why to mix? Inorder to get a cool amazing animation no need to wrtie a page long CSS KEYFRAMES only 1,2 words name is ENOUGH!

To mix anim suppose make a element rotate and then scale!

motionia("target", "rotateScaleIn")

This will first make the object rotate and then scale it.

Mixing is amazing!! & its CONVERSE is also possible, now Make a object first scale and then rotate!

motionia("target", "scaleRotateIn")

In this way you can multipy the number of above all anims by just Double

Try out: flipScaleIn , flipScaleOut , slideRotate etc combinations!

Pre built awesome 3D anims.

Suppose you wanna animate a object that similates anim of a door just like a door opens? Imagine it You can animate element by just its Name!

Visit this codepen demo.

Animate a door easily


Animate a element as a door opens in UP , DOWN , LEFT , RIGHT

Just add the directions parameters at the end of the anim name!



motionia("#target", "doorUp")
motionia("#target", "doorDown")
motionia("#target", "doorLeft")
motionia("#target", "doorRight")

Animate background of any element!

Animate background of any element by just using some basic parameters as direction parameters.

That is just add direction to Move the background in that direction often usefull in making Landscape anims easily by just ONE LINE OF CODE!!

visit this codepen demo , in that gradients background is taken.

Animating backgrounds


motionia("#target", "bgDown")
motionia("#target", "bgUp")
motionia("#target", "bgLeft")
motionia("#target", "bgRight")

Animating document background!

Wanna animate background , you can use all the above BASE anims and also can make their combos + too add appearing in or out depends upon you.


motionia("body", "popZ")


motionia("body", "scaleZ");

Wait....whats Z at the end this will animate body's transformation in z axis and can change upon your body's dimension automatically!

Remember Z parameter only works in anims where transformation in z axis works , that is have its actual meaning as for those anims which it doesn't work then don't worry just change your base anim's name!

Animate color of a element quickly

You can pass your favourite colors upto 3 to motionia's color base anim.


motionia("#target", "color", "red", "#000", "teal")

Color will work in any typo that is hsl, hex , rgba , dex or predefined name etc.

Animate a rotating effects that fits your need.

There is a prebuilt anim for rotate motion that is rotateIn or rotateOut also you may built more by mixing that is scaleRotateIn etc but to make it adjustable just customize it

Suppose you need turn a icon by 90 degrees

You may also use it for fliping


motionia("#icon", "rotate", "90deg")

Just specify the angle that 90deg, 100deg, etc.

Adding blur effects to anim itself!

The above anim is created by mixing bounceMin + Blur

Upto now we can add a blur effect to our elements using focusIn etc but what about adding this to Anims itself!

Just add Blur at the anims name.


motionia("#target", "scaleInBlur")


motionia("#target", "rollInBlur")

Up, Down , left & right parameters example

Selecting above anims correctly for your need is a Art just master it & add customization accordingly.

Swinging a button with a id #btn


// Animate a element to slide up by 10px


// px can be % em vh vw etc.

The end

i'll keep updating motionia.

Don't forget to give motionia a STAR & a share thanks.

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