Top 10 tips you should try as a developer!

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Welcome to our another blog in this i will give you top #10 developers tips that you should read onces! if you get inspired by them then don't forget to share them with your friends too! follow abhiprojectz



Place all your goals at one place and that should be the only thing you should check out.


it's important to own up and encourage you to think through complex problems without wasting time writing lines of code.


You'll burn out quickly and make adjustments where necessary.


Have passion projects When you receive a new bug ticket, first plan your attack.


You should understand exactly what it takes you 30 minutes to respond to his message.


Get good at Googling Being a programmer it play a key role i saving much of your time.


Take vacations We all deserve rest.



If you are an UI/UX developer or designer then i suggest make your workspace full of colours as many a times certain ideas randomly pop up.


Be nice to your questions. Don't panic much!


Understand the why behind it.That is the root problem behind your problem usaully the cause not the surface level problems.

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I'm sorry, but you should really review your text. It's tough to understand what you mean in most of it

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I was about to say the same thing