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The CSS Generator is super fast css code generator with a awesome ui that will boost your productivity on a next as a frontend developer.

Welcome to AbhiCodes!

In this tutorial i will present a tool that can help you in building your frontend projects easily.

Get readymade CSS codes on demand and adjust them with a beautiful blazing fast UI interface.

Coded using html/css/js only!

Yeah no backend no node.js or python.

Purely frontend.

Repo link: github.com/abhiprojectz/CSS-G...

Test the tool here: abhiprojectz.github.io/CSS-Ge...

Where to get?

share the link here: https://youtu.be/zjPbREldtOY

What's next?

In my next tutorial i will be explaining how to quickly deletes duplicates from a python lists, objects or arrays etc.

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